About Us

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We are Springtunez, we are here to give you the best beats and mp3 musics you may want. Our boss goes by the name SPRINGFLOWS, a music producer and is one of the best you can find in West Africa. We deal mostly on instrumentals but we figured that having more in our website can help us gain more views on our instrumentals for potential customers. So if you want music or instrumentals, they are both there in different forms for you to choose which ever you like.

We also promote songs for artists on our website to help bring up upcoming artists and soon we will be creating a music label to help some of the upcoming artists out there. We are all about music so if your interested keep in touch with us and you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram. If you want to promote your music contact us through any of the social networks above, this is only for real artists because we dont deal with jokers